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  • IP710-LFZ

    LEVITON™ 0-10V Wired Slide Dimmer (120-277V)

    • LEVITON IllumaTech Slide Preset NAFTA Compliant Electro-Mechanical 0-10V Slide Dimmer for use with LED Power Supplies.
    • Suitable for use with Class 1 or Class 2 wiring, 1200VA @ 120VAC, 1500VA @ 277VAC, 10A LED/Electronic Ballast 120/277VAC, 60Hz, 50mAmps maximum sinking current.
    • Single pole or 3-way control when used with 3-way switch.
    • No power pack required for switching.
    • Dual voltage 120V/277V; 50mAmps maximum sink current.
    • Provides single pole or 3-way lighting control when used with a 3-way switch (sold separately).
    • Compatible with Decora Plus™ screwless and Decora standard designer Wallplates (sold separately).
    • Fluid slide movement allows fine adjustment of light level with minimal effort.


  • OSF10-I0W

    LEVITON™ PIR Fixture Mount Integral Occupancy Sensor (120-277V)

    • Fixture Mount Integral Luminaire Occupancy Sensor lighting control, 120-277V.
    • Leviton’s OSF10, Integral Occupancy Sensor, is designed to be mounted directly into a luminaire.
    • The OSF10-I0W offers a sensor and relay in one device.
    • The wiring and housing of the sensor is installed adjacent to the ballast and hidden from view behind the reflector cover.
    • Only the PIR detector dome lens and locking ring are visible on the exterior of the fixture.
    • The OSF10-I0W uses Passive Infrared technology to detect motion.
    • For time delay, the time out occurs when motion is no longer detected by the sensor and the device counts a set amount of time before turning off the load.
    • If the device sensor detects motion during this ’time delay’ the count resets and the device initiates a new count.
    • The Time Delay can be adjusted to 30 seconds, 10, 20, and 30 minutes respectively.
    • Relay uses a zero-crossing circuitry to provide reliable, long-life operation.
    • A red LED blinks when motion is detected.
    • The Fresnel Lens detects small motion when mounted within 6 feet of occupants.
    • When mounted at a height of 8’, the coverage will be approximately 10’ diameter but sensitivity may be diminished.
    • Designed specifically for pre-wiring and installing inside of luminaire fixtures in small offices, cubicles, task lighting, cabinet lighting, and small bathroom lighting.


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