ARCATA™ External Install - Emergency 90-min 8W Battery Backup and 25W Driver Combo, 1500mAH, 9.6V, 24 hr Recharge (90-305V)

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  • EXTERNALLY INSTALLED – The EMJ-0825-010/105-J2-08W8W is a 90-min backup battery and driver combo for external installation with LED Luminaires.
  • Includes Programmable Constant Current.
  • Open Circuit and Short Circuit Protection.
  • No PCBs
  • Sound Rated A
  • 5 year /50000 hour warranty, and listed with all applicable bodies for safety and performance.



Additional information

Energy DataInput Voltage: 90-305V
Input Current: 150mA Max
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Recharge Power: 8W Max
Standby Power: 0.4 ~ 0.8W
Recharge Time: 48 Hours Max
Time to Light: 0.3 Seconds Detection Emergency
Output Current: 100 ~ 1050mA
Wattage: 25W Max
Operating Temperature: 50°F ~ 122°F (10°C ~ 50°C)
Battery Capacity: 6Ah
Physical DataBattery Type: LiFePO4 9.6V
Red Lead: 3A, 90V
White /Black Lead: 100W Max
Warranty: 5yr/50K

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