LEVITON™ PIR Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor (480V)

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  • Fixture Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor lighting control, Interchangeable Adjustable 360° Low Bay and High Bay Lenses and aisle mask, 480VAC, 50/60Hz, RF Immune
  • The OSFHU self-contained sensor mounts directly to a luminaire or electrical box to provide local occupancy control for either general area or aisle way pattern detection using PIR technology with a microprocessor based digital architecture that minimizes false triggering.
  • The OSFHU provides a trouble-free “install and forget” solution for high-bay lighting control.
  • The OSFHU high-bay occupancy sensor is specifically designed for high mounted areas such as warehouses, manufacturing and other high ceiling applications.
  • It is a self-contained sensor and relay that turns individual light fixtures on or off based on occupancy in the detection zone.
  • It comes with three interchangeable lenses for use in either a 360-Degree high-bay or 360-Degree low-bay general area or an aisle way.
  • The OSFHU provides reliable coverage up to 40 ft. mounting heights.
  • The OSFHU is also available in a model for cold storage applications with temperatures as low as -40°F. To improve the field-of-view for deep body fixtures, a separate offset adapter accessory (OSFOA-00W) can be used to position the sensor below the fixture body.
  • The adapter simply snaps into a 1/2” knockout on the end of the industrial fixture to attach the sensor. Green LED indicates occupancy detection.


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Additional information

Energy DataInput Voltage: 480V
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 14°F ~ 160°F (-10°C ~ 71°C)
Physical DataColor: White
Warranty: 5yr/50K
Sensor DataDetection Range: Max.ø 30-FT @40-FT Height
Hold Time: 30s~20 min
Sensor Frequency: Passive Infrared
Switching Capacity: 800VA@120V~1500VA@347V (Fluorescent Ballasts), Max

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