EnOcean EasyFit™ Double-Rocker Pad for Self-Powered Wireless Switch, 902 MHz Frequency

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  • Self-powered wireless controls are simple to install.
  • EDRPU Double Rocker Pads use EnOcean energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with other wireless devices and provide convenient control of lighting, temperature and miscellaneous electric loads.
  • The rocker pads are self-powered and never require batteries because the simple act of pressing the rocker generates enough energy to send a wireless signal to other EnOcean-based devices.
  • Use them in conjunction with sensors and controls to maximize efficiency and provide a level of comfort and convenience you cannot achieve with traditional switches.
  • Communicates wirelessly with other devices using the EnOcean wireless standard.
  • Self-powered. Integrated kinetic harvester provides the energy to power the device and eliminates the need for wires.
  • No additional wire to run so installation is fast and easy. Install them where you want them and then move them anytime.
  • Decorator style rocker pads capable of performing switching and dimming.
  • Proprietary 902 MHz EnOcean Frequency


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Additional information

Energy DataOperating Temperature: 32°F ~ 131°F (0°C ~ 55°C)
Physical DataColor: White
Warranty: 5yr/50K
Sensor DataDetection Range: 80-FT Transmission
Sensor Frequency: 902 MHz EnOcean

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