EnOcean EasyFit™ Ceiling Mounted Wireless Light Level Sensor (Daylight Harvesting Module), 902 MHz Frequency

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  • The ELLSU EnOcean Light Level Sensor measures and reports the level of available natural light.
  • Used in conjunction with suitable controllers such as EnOcean LEDRU and LEDDU, it enables implementation of energy saving daylight harvesting control systems.
  • Daylight harvesting is a great way to save energy and cost while enhancing worker satisfaction by allowing personal control of light levels.
  • Lighting control systems employing this technique measure natural light available in a building and only add as much artificial light as necessary.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor uses a solar cell for Solar Energy Harvesting to measure the amount of available natural light and to generate the required energy for its operation.
  • Natural light level is measured every minute and significant changes (> 50 lux) are transmitted immediately.
  • In addition, a heartbeat message containing the current light level is transmitted at random intervals between 20 to 30 minutes.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor is interoperable with other devices using the EnOcean Wireless Standard.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor can be quickly deployed without wiring and is maintenance free thanks to the ability to harvest the energy required for operation.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor is optimized for operation together with the EnOcean LED Controllers LEDDU and LEDRU.
  • Proprietary 902 MHz EnOcean Frequency


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Additional information

Energy DataOperating Temperature: 32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C)
Physical DataColor: White
Warranty: 5yr/50K
Sensor DataDaylight Treshhold: 0~1020 Lux, 4 Lux
Detection Range: 80-FT Transmission
Hold Time: Programmable
Sensor Frequency: 902 MHz EnOcean

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