EnOcean EasyFit™ Ceiling Mounted Wireless Light Level Sensor (Daylight Harvesting Module)

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  • The ELLSU EnOcean Light Level Sensor measures and reports the level of available natural light. Used in conjunction with suitable controllers such as EnOcean LEDRU and LEDDU, it enables implementation of energy saving daylight harvesting control systems.
  • Daylight harvesting is a great way to save energy and cost while enhancing worker satisfaction by allowing personal control of light levels. Lighting control systems employing this technique measure natural light available in a building and only add as much artificial light as necessary.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor uses a solar cell for Solar Energy Harvesting to measure the amount of available natural light and to generate the required energy for its operation.
  • Natural light level is measured every minute and significant changes (> 50 lux) are transmitted immediately. In addition, a heartbeat message containing the current light level is transmitted at random intervals between 20 … 30 minutes.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor is interoperable with other devices using the EnOcean Wireless Standard. EnOcean Light Level Sensor can be quickly deployed without wiring and is maintenance free thanks to the ability to harvest the energy required for operation.
  • EnOcean Light Level Sensor is optimized for operation together with the EnOcean LED Controllers LEDDU and LEDRU.
  • Proprietary 902 MHz EnOcean Frequency
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Technical Information

Additional information



Detection Range

80-FT Transmission

Hold Time


Daylight Treshhold

0~1020 Lux, 4 Lux

Sensor Frequency

902 MHz EnOcean

Operating Temperature

32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C)


6.30"H x 2.36" W x 1.15"D

Net Weight




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